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Pesticide Residue

Pesticide residue is the general name of trace pesticides, toxic metabolites, degrading substances and impurities in organisms, harvest, soil, water, and atmosphere that have not been decomposed in one period after the use of pesticides. Long term consumption of pesticide residues beyond the standard of agricultural and sideline products may cause chronic poisoning of humans and animals, leading to the occurrence of diseases, and even affect the next generation. We use advanced precision instruments to conduct pesticide residue full scan to provide professional, efficient and fair testing services for our customers.


Testing Items

Organophosphorus pesticide

isocarbophosparathion-methylmethamidophosacephatefenitrothiontriazophosparathionmalathion etc.

Organochlorine pesticides

hexachlorobenzenePCNBheptachloraldrindieldrinendosulfanchlordane etc.


bifenthrindeltamethrinCypermethrinfenpropathrinfenvaleratecypermethrin,deltamethrin etc.

Methyl carbamate pesticide

carbarylaldicarbpirimicarbmetolcarbpropoxurisoprocarb etc.

Acaric insecticide

chlordimeformdicofolpropargitebromopropylate pyridaben  etc.


205 pesticide residue integrated analysis , 301 pesticide residue homogeneous analysis , 360 pesticide residue homogeneous analysis , and 245 tea pesticide residue homogeneous analysis